Dr. Cheong Hoe Yi

Co-Founder | Principal

Team - Dr. Cheong Hoe Yi

“ The expert in everything was once a beginner. ”

Cheong Hoe Yi is the Co-Founder and Principal of UNDO Academy. He was famous for his sculpting artworks and photorealistic techniques in lighting and rendering. Throughout his career, Hoe Yi won multiple international awards that have gained him recognition in the Computer Graphics (CG) Industry, such as CG Society’s CG Choice Award Winner (2009), 3D Total’s Excellence Award, Evermotion Award and etc. Since then, Hoe Yi has dedicated his career to education more than 14 years, teaching new generations of students who were passionate about CG animation. In addition, Hoe Yi has been conducting workshops and sharing workshops at several major CG industry conferences in Malaysia.

Not forgetting self-improvement, Hoe Yi continued to pursue learning on how to be a better educator to his students. He finally obtained his Doctorate in Education by the Universidad of Panamericana in 2019; all the while keeping up with his learning and research into the workings of latest software and techniques to equip himself and his students with competitive skills sets that would keep them on par with the ever-evolving CG industry.