Diploma in Game Development

Full Time, Two Year Program

Course Introduction

UNDO’s Diploma in Game Development is a full-time, two-year program that is created to combine both technical and creative skillsets in order to fully build games. This program comprises of game design skills as well as game art skills to fully complement and complete each other.

Learning Target

  1. Establish a good foundation in game knowledge
  2. Fully understanding the entire workflow of creating games
  3. Creating games that are fun to play and visually appealing
Diploma in Game Development - Term 1

Term 1

The very foundation that every student needs to develop is the ability to observe from references and create their own understanding of it. At this term, students will begin with traditional essential art and digital skill sets first.

Diploma in Game Development - Term 2

Term 2

Continuing to the next stage, students will develop an understanding of asset creations by using 2D and 3D creative skill sets in order to visualise their vision. They will further learn more about Modeling and Animating skills too.

Diploma in Game Development - Term 3

Term 3

Advancing into the following term, students will be learning more about polishing their creative art sense. To further develop their skills, they will be taught on how to accelerate their skillsets in order to produce at a faster rate.

Diploma in Game Development - Term 4

Term 4

This is where we begin our adventure begins. Once the students are equipped with all the creative skill sets, they will now begin to learn more about the mechanics of game design and technical aspects of the software.

Diploma in Game Development - Term 5

Term 5

To be fully able to create games, students will now tackle the biggest challenge – programming. Students will be taught how to write their own codes for their games. This is the stage where students will be able to fully apply their creative skills to develop their game.

Diploma in Game Development - Term 6

Term 6

When students reach this term, its now for their final battle. They will now have to finish their Final Year Project which is to complete and publish their game on their chosen platform. Once complete they will be able to embrace the industry with their artworks as their portfolio.

Student Work

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Game Development

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January | May | September

Course Fees

2 Years Higher Diploma Programme – RM43,200 *

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