Diploma in 3D Animation

Full Time, Two Year Diploma Program

Mastering in 3D Skills in Animation & Modeling

UNDO’s Diploma in 3D Animation is a full-time, two-year program that is designed to create a new generation of artists that are well versed in 3D knowledge. The curriculum is a comprehensive syllabus that covers all aspects of the pipeline.

Enrollment  Requirement

-Above age 16 years

-Any School Leaver

-After SPM/UEC/IGCSE/Others ( credits is not required )


Local Accreditation

Recognized by MOHR and is accredited by the Department of Skills Development 

Dual Certifications

Double accreditation for your future path at a single price.

Study Loan

We linked with Kojadi Education Loan scheme.

Affordable Instalment

Our education fees are reasonable for economic and supporting monthly instalments. 

International Accreditation

Recognized by several UK Colleges included East Durham College, City of Oxford, and TQUK.

Scholarship Available

Allows passionate student to receive the scholarship. 

Course Journey

Here are our summarize and learning core. Each term took about 14 weeks ( 4 months )

Diploma in 3D Animation - Term 1

Term 1

This is where your course begins. Students will learn the essential drawing skills as well as sharpen their observation skills in this term. They will also be diving straight into Digital software to learn the basics of the program.

Diploma in 3D Animation - Term 2

Term 2

Moving into the next term, students will be learning more techniques and theories about working with 3D software. Students will be taught about Modeling methods on Topology and how to apply proper textures onto their models. In addition to that, they will also be learning the basic principles of Animation to move their objects and characters.

Diploma in 3D Animation - Term 3

Term 3

At this term, students would have developed their foundational skill sets. Here is where students are expected to work more professionally and polish on their artwork. They will have a taste of Traditional Sculpting to better comprehend the shape and anatomical study of a creature or character.

Diploma in 3D Animation - Term 4

Term 4

In this term, students will be focusing more on technical workflows that would help polish and speedup their project. Students will be able to apply their foundational knowledge on perspective and anatomical studies to comprehend the lessons given and be given the chance to create rigs to move their very own creation.

Diploma in 3D Animation - Term 5

Term 5

Advancing into this term, students will be starting their Final Year Project. Students will come together to develop their very own short film. For this project they will be developing from the story till the final output.

Diploma in 3D Animation - Term 6

Term 6

At long last, to finish this term, students will be finalizing and completing their Final Year Project. Students will be preparing their portfolio as well as a showreel to represent themselves and their skills in order to step into the industry.

UNDO Alumni

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3D Animation

Intake Time

January | May | September

Course Fees

2 Years Higher Diploma Programme – RM43,200 *

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