Diploma in Concept Art Illustration

Full Time, Two Year Program

Course Introduction

UNDO’s Diploma in Concept Art Illustration is a full-time, two-year program that includes Traditional and Digital drawing curriculum. The curriculum leans heavily towards the drawing skill set but also builds a foundational 3D skill that would further add as an advantage to their set of knowledge.

Learning Target

  1. To develop Traditional and Digital Drawing Skills
  2. To be able to work in both 2D and 3D art
  3. To be able to creatively communicate their design
Diploma in Concept Art Illustration - Term 1

Term 1

Your journey begins with the fundamental studies in both Traditional Art and Digital software knowledge. Our students will be equipped with the essential knowledge in drawing in perspective in order to establish a strong foundation.

Diploma in Concept Art Illustration - Term 2

Term 2

Continuing in this term, students will be picking the next level of challenges. They will learn to apply their observation skills and knowledge they learnt previously into more Digital software. At this stage they will further develop their drawing skills in terms of perspective and understanding the shape and proportion of the subject.

Diploma in Concept Art Illustration - Term 3

Term 3

Going further in depth into the course, students will be studying Anatomical studies Traditionally to get the right feel of the subject. Having students understanding the actual structure of the subject enriches the learning process altogether. This would enable them to understand how to create their character designs based on the muscle and anatomical study of the body parts.

Diploma in Concept Art Illustration - Term 4

Term 4

The adventure continues into a new year into the studies. Students will practise more on applying and developing technical skills to advance into course. They will further develop their skills in 3D and implement that knowledge to speed up the way they design.

Diploma in Concept Art Illustration - Term 5

Term 5

Starting from this point students will be expecting more experimental subjects. This term will kick start their journey on their Final Year Project and develop their own working style. They will be polishing their individual portfolio as well as grouping up to develop storyboards for their upcoming projects.

Diploma in Concept Art Illustration - Term 6

Term 6

Wrapping up the final term, students will be completing their Portfolios and Final Year Project and getting ready to plunge into the industry. This is the final stop in their journey at UNDO and their first step to launch into the industry.

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Concept Art & Illustration

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Course Fees

2 Years Higher Diploma Programme – RM43,200 *

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